NEW! Silk Shine Spray Dressing Protectant just got even better, newly formulated with CG technology + Weather-Tek Protectant. Lasts longer and continues to protect even after numerous washes and tough weather.

Introducing new longer lasting Silk Shine Weather-Tek. Finally a premium sprayable protectant and dressing that cleans and protects while restoring a natural pleasant look and feel without leaving behind even a hint of oily, greasy, sticky, or shiny residue. New Weather-Tek formula means it lasts though numerous washes and tough weather.

Chemical Guys Silk Shine Spray Dressing with new Weather-Tek delivers a durable high-shine finish to rubber, vinyl, black plastics, tires, dashboard and even leather. The all-new formulation delivers an even more durable water resistant protectant that not only leaves surface looking sharp and new it protects against damaging UV rays and is 100% dry to the touch….did we mention it
Silk Shine Spray Dressing with weather tek Chemical Guys

leaves surfaces smelling new? Our all-new formulation has a NEW-Car Scent that leaves interior and exterior surfaces even smelling

A single easy application of Silk Shine lasts weeks instead of days. Silk Shine new Weather-Tek system helps protects the surface regardless of the elements. From snow and moisture to water humidity and even high-heat, all new Silk Shine continues to protect for months.

silk shien tre dressing

The Goods:

  • Guards against UV damage

  • Replenishes vital nutrients with every application

  • Cleans normal surface dirt quickly and easily

  • Leaves surfaces dry, healthy, shiny, and conditioned

  • Also for all exterior rubber, and door seals

  • Protects against discoloration and cracking

  • Keeps your car looking shining and smelling like new

    Directions for Use:

  1. Can be sprayed or Sponged on.

  2. Spray a small amount onto clean damp towel, sponge or applicator or spray directly onto surface

  3. Work into surface evenly

  4. Simply allow to dry, wipe of any excess product with towel.