Rides & Coffee The Ultimate California Car Show

📣📣📣📣Today Saturday it's on!! -  Come join is TODAY March the 25th for Chemical Guys Rides & Coffee  a #carmeet hosted by the Chemical Guys and our amazing family of supporters #detailgarage #carsandcoffee #losangeles 10am Enjoy Coffee and Donuts , Raffles and more. Come share your passion for cars, meet new people and take it back to where it all started. Find your passion and make it shine with Chemical Guys!! #chemicalguys #cars #car #carshow #passion #team #carsofinstagram #carsandcoffee #bmw #ford #mercedesbenz #honda #subaru #ferrari #lamborghini #chevrolet  #all #makes #and #models #welcome

The hottest new event in California  is taking place at Chemical Guys TODAY Saturday!!! Rides & Coffee. EXPECT A FULL HOUSE SO GET HERE EARLY!!! It's  going to be Beautiful and full of Caffeine & Petroleum . Detail Garage Gardena will be hosting their monthly event. Do not miss a fun time in #losangeles with likeminded individuals and  builds #detailersofinstagram #chemicalguys #carsandcoffee #carmeet #carshow .
When:TODAY Saturday March 25
Time: 10am-2pm ( but really get in by 9am)
Where: 14108 S. WESTERN AVE CA 90249

The 2Nd of many Rides & Coffee at Detail Garage and Chemical Guys is taking place in beautiful, sunny Gardena, California. This indoor and outdoor gathering will have the best builds from Los Angeles and beyond.
Event will be filled with: - Product Giveaways
- Free DIY Class Tech Session inside the detailing garage
- Exclusive discounts for attendees

We will be hosting Rides  and Coffee every last Saturday of the month. 

This $8 Car Wash Pad Is Hideously Ugly, And Worth Every Penny

We love reading great reviews about Chemical Guys Products especially the ones that make us laugh!

Recently Kinja Deals part of Gizmodo recently wrote a great write up about the Chemical Guys Bear Claw Wash Mitt a top seller and customer favorite!

The write-up was titled:
"This $8 Car Wash Pad Is Hideously Ugly, And Worth Every Penny"
The Chemical Guys Bear Claw wash pad looks like something you’d pull off a thorny bush at a sheep farm, but I use it every time I wash my car, and it’s fantastic. $8 is the best price Amazon’s ever listed, and if you usually take your car through a drive-through wash, it’ll pay for itself."

Thanks Shep McAllister and everyone for the great write-up!

Get your Bear Claw Wash Mitt today!!

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Car care made easy all while saving your back.

Sit On This! The New heavy duty Chemical Guys bucket lid! Now Available in Red and Black .

Detailing is hard work! It’s easy to spend hours on the perfect car wash, polishing job, wheel detail, or coat of wax. Have a seat and take a load off with the Chemical Guys Bucket Lid. The Bucket Lid snaps on to any standard 12’’ diameter round bucket, including the Heavy Duty Detailing Bucket, or any 5 gallon hardware store pail. The Bucket Lid is made from durable injection molded plastic for a solid feel on top of any bucket. Every lid is stamped with a special non-slip texture to reduce the chances of slipping or sliding off the Bucket Lid. Choose between red and black lids to fit any detail garage color palette, and rep the Chemical Guys lifestyle with the large CG logo on the center. Turn any bucket into a comfortable seat, short step stool, or kneeling post to make any low-down detailing job anything but a back-breaker! Sit on a bucket to deep clean wheels and undercarriage parts without sitting on the dirty ground. Kneel on the bucket lid to reach over fenders and into engine bays. Step up on the bucket lid to reach higher up on large vehicle roofs or trailers. Snap the Bucket Lid onto a bucket and turn the open-air pail into a handy storage container! Keep bottles of detailing products organized, or microfiber towels clean and dry until their next use. The possibilities, and comfort, are endless. Sit down, and turn any long detailing job into a relaxing time with the Bucket Lid.

Get your lid on!


Black car paint correction made easy.

Left side before- Right side after. 1 step paint correction with Torq10FX with Black Optics Microfiber pad with VSS polish!!! What an amazing difference! #torq10fx #torqtoolcompany #polish #polisher #howto #carcare ##decontamination #detailing #torqtoolcompany

​Looking for the fastest way to clean carpet and upholstery?

Looking for the fastest way to clean carpet and upholstery?  Look no further than the Chemical Guys drill brush. With three amazing brush adapters to choose from you decide between light medium or heavy duty bristles are the best for your application. Simply connect them to any battery powered or corded drill and clean with great precision and speed. Pair them up with nonsense or lightning fast and get the surface clean fast. Don't forget to coat fabrics and carpet with fabric clean to protect them against the elements. #ChemicalGuys #drill #brush #carpet #clean #detailing #detailersofinstagram #detailers #speed

Stop by one of our Detail Garage stores order online at www.chemicalguys.com

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Gardena, CA 90249
310-674-8135 x 231

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(714) 725-8005


Detail Garage Montclair
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1655 Broadway Ste 10
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(619) 777-6999


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How to get the best cleaning out of Matte Paint and Matte rims

Chemical Guys  Matte Detailer and sealant was a wonderful choice to clean the wheels. Nothing better than matte black and gold @chaseyourambition

Introducing Chemical Guys Black Light Car Wash Soap

Introducing Chemical Guys Black Light Car Wash Soap

If you love the look of your black car, wash away any dirt and filth with Black Light Car Wash Soap to restore a brilliant shine and glossy finish.

Black Light soap removes dirt, grime, and road filth with slick lubricants that help prevent swirl marks and scratches that cheaper soaps leave behind. Use an ounce of Black Light in the wash bucket for mountains of soapy suds, or an ounce in your foam gun or foam cannon to create thick clinging suds that pull dirt off the car.

Car wash foam isn't just fun to play with; it keeps the soap right on the dirt and filth to give it more time to work for you. Adding car wash foam with a foam cannon helps lift dirt from the surface, then lubricate it to prevent swirls and scratches with every wipe of a microfiber wash mitt.


Chemical Guys created a sensation with the hybrid radiant finish of Black Light. The hybrid glaze enhanced incredible depth and vibrant glossy shine on every paint finish. Now detailers and enthusiasts have a car wash soap that restores the same brilliant shine from a fresh coat of Black Light with every car wash.

The possibilities are endless! Washing exterior car parts from the paintwork to the wheels, undercarriage, exhaust tips, glass, and engine components with Black Light Car Wash Soap removes dirt, enhances shine, and protects against swirls and scratches.

Introducing Chemical Guys Stripper Suds

Introducing Chemical Guys Stripper Suds
A fun auto bubble bath with your hose and bucket!

Chemical Guys Stripper Suds is the foaming car wash soap that smells like every man’s favorite thing in the world:

Check it out on ChemicalGuys.com

Chemical Guys is known for their fun fragrant products. Guys and gals from around the world fell in love with Stripper Scent Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator and that oh-so-familiar fragrance that you won’t smell anywhere else. Now you can enjoy the smell of success at every car wash with Stripper Suds Car Wash Shampoo.
This soap is like a bubble bath for your car! Squirt just 1 ounce in your 5 gallon car wash bucket, or add up to 3 ounces in your foam cannon for thick foamy suds that help clean your car with a scratch-free touch.

Use a plush microfiber wash mitt to gently pull off all the dirt, grime, and debris without installing any ugly swirls, spider webs, or scratches in the paintwork.

Finish off with a rinse, then towel-dry the paintwork with premium microfiber for a scratch-free shine!

What’s your favorite car wash scent? If you’ve tried all the different soaps that smell fruity and fresh, if you’re feeling adventurous, try out Chemical Guys Stripper Suds Car Wash Shampoo and turn every car wash into a fun foaming bubblebath!

New Product: Chemical Guys Activate Instant Wet Finish, Shine and Seal Spray Sealant and Paint Protectant

You're getting ready for a day out with your car, maybe it is before a car show, a date, or simply another day - either way you want your car to have the deepest, wettest shine fast. Activate is the product to deliver these results. It will not only deliver a deep wet look to your paintwork but it will also deliver great durability and protection.

Realize the deepest, wettest gloss and reflection with Activate. Developed with the shine-seeker in mind, Activate brings together wet shine, depth, clarity, brilliance and protection. Just shake to activate and apply. It’s easy-on and easy-off, delivering the fastest unbelievable shine coupled with the long lasting durability of a sealant. When looking for shine Activate is all about speed and results.

Check out Activate at ChemicalGuys.com

Remove Water Spots on Boats and Jet Skis

The Summer months are approaching and this means more it will be time to take out the Boat and Jet Skis. Unfortunately, this also means maintenance on these fun toys. Once removed from the water one needs to immediately wipe them down in order to avoid the dreaded water spots. We all have been there though - the sun is going down, it has been a long day out on the lake or river and we tell ourselves 'It's okay I will wipe down later when I get some light.' Well, this may be too late - there are now water spots on the surface. What do you do now? Check out the below video where we demonstrate how to remove water spots from your boat or jet ski.

How to Strip Old Wax and Sealant

Do you find yourself asking how do I strip old waxes and sealants to prepare for polishing? Or maybe you are wondering how to prep the surface for clear bra application? or for vinyl wrap application? Well we have the answer. Introducing the new Chemical Guys Clean Slate Surface Cleanser Wash.

Clean Slate Surface Cleanser Wash is formulated to strip away old waxes and sealants from exterior paint. Wash with Clean Slate before polishing to avoid wax residue buildup on polishing pads. Remove leftover coatings with Clean Slate to make clay bar decontamination services faster and easier. Use Clean Slate after polishing to remove oils and residues before applying vehicle coatings, clear bra wraps, vinyl wraps, decals, or protective wax. Clean Slate provides maximum lubrication to avoid installing any swirls or scratches while washing any vehicle. Clean Slate is pH-balanced, non-caustic, and will not dry out any plastic, rubber, or vinyl surfaces found on bumpers and mirrors. Clean and prepare the surface of your vehicle for a fresh layer of wax and sealant, or wraps and decals. Wash away old detailing jobs and start fresh with Chemical Guys Clean Slate Surface Cleanser Wash.

Stop! Don’t Wash Your Car Again Before Reading This

You finish washing your car at home and you step back and admire the newly clean car again. But with just a few steps in a different direction, the beaming sunlight unveils some rather unsightly scratches and swirls. You then find yourself perplexed at how those got there and ask yourself how you can avoid them happening again? You find yourself searching for answers, but there is only one answer – the Cyclone Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert. The Cyclone Dirt Trap will change the way you wash your car forever - it is the only answer.

What people don’t realize is that they may have been washing their car incorrectly all along. After finishing washing your car at home and you step back and admire the newly clean car again. But with just a few steps in a different direction, the beaming sunlight unveils some rather unsightly scratches and swirls. Inevitably one is perplexed at how those got there and ask how to avoid them happening again? The search for answers begins, but there is only one answer – the Cyclone Dirt Trap Car Wash Bucket Insert. The Cyclone Dirt Trap will change the way people wash their car forever - it is the only answer. The Cyclone Dirt Trap, introduced by Chemical Guys, is a car wash bucket insert that separates dirt and debris from your wash water. 

You may be asking how does it work?

Dirt Trap Cyclones funnel and separate dirt away from wash water. The Dirt Trap car wash guard uses nearly 300 cyclone funnels to separate abrasive dirt and debris from car wash water. Keeping the dirt already washed away from the car reduces the chances of installing swirls and scratches caused by scrubbing with abrasive dirt. Traditional car wash strainers use large open screens and vertical fins in an attempt to hold dirt at the bottom of a wash bucket. However, the mere act of dunking the dirty wash mitt in and out of the bucket pushes and pulls any dirt and debris straight up through the screen and back into the clean water. This traps the dirt already washed off the car in the mitt, and causes abrasive scratching action on the next cleaning pass. The small funnels of the Dirt Trap create cyclonic flow down through the tiny tip of each funnel, spinning heavier dirt particles out of the water through intense centripetal force. The textured underside and small holes of the screen act as a one-way valve: dirt is pushed through the funnels with cyclonic force, but it gets trapped underneath the guard and cannot easily flow back up into the water when the wash mitt is withdrawn. Use the Dirt Trap in each wash and rinse bucket to minimize the chances of scratching and swirling paintwork during any car wash or full detail.

 Check out the Dirt Trap available on ChemicalGuys.com

How to Best Clean Headlights

We all have done it, we have searched vigorously online for a solution to bring back our yellowing headlights. In our search we have found different answers ranging from household products to 'quick fix' products. Some of us have tried it with immediate but never lasting results and others have given up. In this recent video we showcase the products you need and the correct method and steps necessary to not only achieve like-new crystal clear headlights but also headlights that remain that way. Watch the video below to see all the great tips, and steps to fix your headlights for good.

Check out the NEW Flex XFE 7-15 150 Random Orbital Polisher

Now available at Chemical Guys is the new Random Orbital Polisher by Flex North America. The polisher that made its debut at the SEMA 2015 show, is now availble for purchase on ChemicalGuys.com.

The new FLEX polisher is a great addition to the FLEX lineup of polishers. A lightweight, balanced and easy to handle machine for a detailing expert and enthusiast alike. The new FlEX XFE 7-15 uses a free-spinning dual action mechanism to gently rub and scrub away scratched and swirled dead layers of paint with an abrasive pad and compound. 

Find out More about the Flex XFE 7-15 150 Random Orbital Polisher on www.ChemicalGuys.com

How To Clean Floor Mats - Chemical Guys Car Care

Keeping your floor mats clean can be a daunting task, especially when there is a light colored interior. However, we tend to overlook the floor mats when they are dark in color because the stains often blend in with the color. In this video we will show you how to properly clean and recondition your carpet using a few easy products.

Chemical Guys Smart Detailing University is Traveling to Dubai

Chemical Guys is centered around sharing our passion and education with everyone. We are excited to announce that although all of our courses are taught in our location in Los Angeles, our team will be will be traveling to Dubai for an exclusive Master Training Class course. This isn’t our first time traveling to the United Arab Emirates for a training, however whether it is our first or tenth visit, we are equally excited. Our team will be hosting a specialized Master Training Class for 12 students from around the globe. The Master Training Class – Dubai Edition, will be hosted at Majestic Car Care.
We are looking forward to this sold out training with students attending from across the globe. With this being the second sold out course in Dubai, we know it is sure to be a great training.
Our Master Training Course is comprised of the fundamentals of detailing including business and marketing. Our training team is excited to to be traveling to Dubai to teach and share the knowledge and passion that is Chemical Guys and Smart Detailing University. Stay tuned for awesome updates.
If you would like more information on the Smart Detailing University training courses please contact us or reach us by phone at 877-738-1010.

Wheel Wednesday: How to Protect Wheels from Brake Dust

It always happens, you finish detailing your car and just a few days later you find yourself seeing the heavy brake dust collecting on your wheels. There are some vehicles that are known to have heavier brake dust problems, but the reality is that mostly all cars have the same issue. It becomes a daunting task to have to rigorously scrub away at your wheels during your weekly or bi-weekly washes. But little did you know there is a way to make wheel cleaning an easier task. Follow the steps below to clean and protect your wheels from brake dust and dirt buildup – and ultimately make wheel cleaning an easier task.

Step 1: Soak the Entire Surface of your Wheel/Rim with a Wheel Cleaner

In this step you can use either Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Gel or Signature Series Wheel Cleaner. Now, keep in mind that with Diablo Wheel Gel you have to dilute the product in a separate bottle first. To clean the wheels you can use a wheel brush to scrub in between spokes and to get tough dirt, debris and brake dust away from the wheel.DSC_8208

Step 2: Use a sharp stream of water to rinse wheels/rims

Make sure to use a flow of water to remove left behind debris and dirt for a clean finish.DSC_8281.jpg

Step 3: Use a microfiber towel to dry the surface of the wheel/rim

Prior to applying a wax coating onto your wheels and rims you want to make sure they are dry and free from any leftover debris or dust. So we recommend to give a wipe down to ensure a clean finish.

Step 4: Using an applicator, apply Chemical Guys Max Coat Wheel Guardto your wheels and allow to haze

Using your choice of applicator sponge or microfiber cloth apply Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Max coat liberally to the surface. Max Coat Wheel Guard is combines a wax formula with sealant technology to protect your wheels for a longer period of time. Using Max Coat Wheel Guard you will reduce brake dust by up to 75%. Don’t worry, Max Coat is safe for all gloss wheel types, including chrome, painted, aluminum, powder coated, stainless steel, and even gold finishes. (If you want to learn about this product visit the Chemical Guys site.) You want to ensure that you allow Max Coat Wheel Guard to sit on the wheel until you see the product haze.

Step 5: Buff off Max Coat Wheel Guard with clean microfiber cloth

After you see the product hazing on the surface use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away excess product and buff to a nice shine.

Step 6: For superior results, or if desired, you can apply two coats of Max Coat Wheel Guard


DeCon Pro Iron Remover Wheel Cleaner - Chemical Guys

Introducing the new product from Chemical Guys, DeCon Pro Wheel Cleaner.

Chemical Guys DeCon Pro is a specialty gel that releases iron deposits and other ferrous metal contamination from automotive surfaces, then neutralizes the corrosive chemical reaction that leads to rust and paint failure. Specialty iron catalysts react with ferrous metals and turn purple once
the chemical reaction releases embedded contamination from painted surfaces. DeCon Pro is the only pH-balanced cleaner that removes deep contamination you can’t even see. Add DeCon Pro to your wheel cleaning arsenal to remove tough brake dust from wheels, brake rotors and calipers, and undercarriage parts. Decontaminate painted surfaces, polished metals, and glass during a full detail for a deep and thorough clean you can see and feel. Break down the worst brake dust and embedded
iron deposits before they destroy your paint with DeCon Pro.

Check out DeCon Wheel Cleaner 

How To Detail A Silver Car - Ferrari 575M Maranello Detail - Chemical Guys

Want to know how to detail a silver car? Watch as the team performs a full exterior detail on this Ferrari 575. Starting with a complete foam wash, then moving on to paint correction using the TORQ10FX. All the way to applying a sealant to protect the exterior as well as protect all of the hard work you put in.

Have you ever wondered how to test if your paint is soft or hard? If you haven't asked yourself before, you should. Soft and hard paint react differently to polishes and paint correction. So in this detailed video the Chemical Guys team shows you how to create a test spot for polishing to ensure that you achieve the best results for your paint type.

Along with polishing and paint correction tips, this Ferrari detail video also answers your common question of 'how can I hide minor swirls and scratches' in metallic paint finishes. Utilizing Chemical Guys Glossworkz Glaze the team shows you how to properly apply and create a great sparkly finish on your metallic paint finish.

With so many tips, tricks and fun this is a video that is a must watch!

How To Wash And Detail A Race Car - Chemical Guys

In the Chemical Guys Detail Garage we have the Herbie Love Bug! This 1963 Volkswagen Beetle came into Chemical Guys to get some love & bring that old paint back to life. Watch as the Chemical Guys team does a mini detail on the Herbie.
First the team starts off by performing a foam wash using the Chemical Guys TORQ Foam Cannon along with Hybrid V7 Optical Select Car Wash Soap & utilizing the Premium Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt. 

Check it out!

How To Inspect And Detail A Classic Car - 1966 Mustang Shelby Cobra GT35...

Often times detailing a classic car requires special attention and care. In the Chemical Guys Detail Garage our team did a full detail on this Ford Mustang Shelby Cobra GT350. Watch as the team demonstrates how to properly inspect the paint and perform a paint correction to bring the classic paint back to life.

How To Become A Professional Detailer - Detailing Training School -Smart Detailing University - Sep...

Starting your own business can be tough, but a career in the Detailing Industry doesn't have to be. The students that attend the Master Training Course are able to take a course that provides them with the tools they need to succeed. Our detailing training school provides more than just the right techniques it also provides the right steps and systems to ensure our students succeed.

In this video we highlight the topics covered throughout the 5 Day Master Training. It walks through one of our recent classes and their feedback on the course.

If you have any questions about training call us today!

How To Prepare Your Car For Winter - Chemical Guys Winter Prep Auto Detailing

The winter months are approaching and we need to make sure that our cars are properly prepared for the harsh winter months. This means protecting the interior and exterior of your car.

How To Clean And Protect And Restore Convertible Top Interiors - Chemcia...

Convertible vehicles have constant sun exposure and this means that leather seats need the proper protection from the UV solar rays. Just like your skin needs protection, the same applies to your leather interior. Watch as the Chemical Guys team cleans and protects the leather of this Porsche convertible.

How to Protect Car Trim - Chemical Guys

Find yourself asking 'how do I protect my car trim?' or 'How do I make my plastic trim black again?' well in this video, the team at Chemical Guys shows you the answer to your questions. Nick takes this rare Laguna Seca Blue e46 BMW M3 and restores and protects the trim and gives you the right tips to keep it looking that way!

Chemical Guys is celebrating 'Back to the Future' Day!

It's October 21, 2015 and we all know that this is the day that all 'Back to the Future' fans and just anyone that even saw the movie have been waiting for. The Time Machine traveled all this way and made a stop at Chemical Guys for a full detail. The team at Chemical Guys chose only the best products to give the Time Machine a 2015 shine. Take some time to join in on 'Back to the Future' day by watching the team give the DeLorean Time Machine a full detail.

detailing, delorean, time machine, back to the future

Without a doubt, Back to the Future is a movie that defines an era. People of all ages get goose bumps hearing even music from the movie, and can only dream of seeing the DeLorean in person. At Chemical Guys it is all about passion, education and fun. As a company who brings together automotive enthusiasts of all ages, Chemical Guys wanted to release a video that celebrated a day that everyone could relate to and something that everyone could enjoy. Whether you love cars or just enjoyed watching the cult classic, the video is sure to bring a smile to your face. 
back to the future, time machine, delorean, detailing

We here at Chemical Guys are celebrating by giving our customers a discount from 10/21/15 - 10/25/15 on all the products we used to give the Time Machine the Chemical Guys passion and shine (Discount will be shown at checkout).  Check out the deals on our site:  www.chemicalguys.com

Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating Provides up to 36 months of protection

Find yourself asking "How to protect your brand new car?"

Or maybe you spent hours detailing your car by removing all of the scratches, swirls and imperfections on your paint and want to protect it for months on end?

We have the answer for you, introducing the new Chemical Guys Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating. The new Chemical Guys coating is the next evolution in car care coatings. The durable coating protects paintwork and other automotive surfaces for up to 36 months. One application of Carbon Flex C9 Coating repels water and pollution, blocks harmful UV rays, and enhances shine and depth with brilliant reflection and pristine optical clarity. Carbon Flex C9 is designed to protect any vehicle under the most extreme conditions. Protect your vehicle from fading and discoloration in extreme desert heat and UV sunlight. Prevent staining and spotting during intense cold and wet weather conditions. 

Sounds like what you were looking for? Well check out the videos below to see it in action!

Read more or buy now: Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating

Making the best choice when buying a polisher

We wasted no time at all to break in our new TORQ 22D by putting it to work on this 2012 Porsche Panamera doing a multi-step paint correction. This machine is AWESOME, very naughty and cuts and removes the swirls as if they are lines in butter. I can already tell how much time this new machine will save us on our paint correction process!! Feels great in the hands, not to much vibration, but man ol man, that torque is mind blowing! The new throw is very apparent from the already killer TORQ 10-FX buffers throw. If you are serious about paint correction..you need to add this machine into your arsenal!! So seriously..Who's next?  #doWerkz #detailwerkzdallas #buffmonkeybrian #bespokedetailcenter #carporn #beastmode #dallasbest #dallastexas #detailing #paintcorrection #likeglass #bosslife #luxury4play #detailersofinstagram #carsofinstagram #carswithoutlimits #blacklist #careforyourdream #detailsdoneright #texas #texasbestdetailer #borntodetail @TorqToolCompany #Torq22D #whosnext

Learn more about this inctedible tool

Chemical Guys introduces the NEW TORQ® TORQ22D Random Orbital Polisher

It has arrived.

The D is finally here.

The NEW TORQ®22D Random Orbital Polisher is now available on www.ChemicalGuys.com.

The TORQ22D carries a large 21mm throw and at the heart of the machine you will find a powerful 900w motor. 
torq22d random orbital large throw polisher

Designed with the end-user in mind. Exceptionally light-weight and durable, the innovative new TORQ22D enables, empowers and allows the operator to move faster while achieving perfect results with a streamlined machine unlike any other. TORQ22D is ergonomic and comfortable; combining Digital Integration with comfort molded grip design. TORQ components work in perfect unison to deliver a streamlined tool that encompasses precision and performance in the ultimate user interface. A precision detailing tool that is as accurate as it is streaming, comfortable and stunning in design. With greater user-control and efficient power distribution the TORQ22D can dramatically increase productivity and reduce labor hours and costs. TORQ is constantly thinking about practical solutions that make detailing easier and more enjoyable for the end-user.