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We really love what we do. We used lightning fast and then fabric guard.. now ready for ham :)

Porsche GT3RS Ultimate Paint Protection Package – by Detailed By Vinny

Porsche GT3RS Ultimate Paint Protection Package –
by Detailed By Vinny

I’ve used dozens of different waxes that claim to be the best, or leave behind the wettest shine and so on and so forth. Let me tell you, until you have used CelesteDettaglio, you haven’t used the best. The first time I got the privilege to use this wax was on a Porsche GT3RS. The owner contacted me and requested the strongest level of protection for his track car. Naturally I recommended a wash, clay, 2-phase paint sealant, and a 3-layer topping of my Chemical Guys Premium Paste Wax. Having never used Celeste I was slightly nervous of what the overall outcome would be, but knowing Chemical Guys only delivered the finest of products, I knew the results would be immaculate as usual. After all, what can beat the Jet-seal and paste wax combination?

The process was pretty straightforward so I will spare you the details up to the protective topping. Once the vehicle was degreased, washed, and clayed, I got out the Jet-seal. Applying 5 small dots to a red detailing pad, I applied a thin layer of the sealant to each panel. After the entire vehicle was covered, I let the protective coating sit for approximately 15 minutes. After the Jet-Seal had hazed, I removed the product and let the vehicle sit for an additional 20 minutes. I repeated this process one more time to ensure a proper coating. 

After the sealant had been properly applied, I went to the fridge and brought out the Celeste Dettaglio. Upon opening the canister, my senses went wild. The smell was so pure, so elegant, so…heavenly (as per Marc no doubt). The texture was smooth and consistent, it just begged to be used on a vehicle worth it’s calling such as the Porsche GT3RS. 

I applied the Celeste in a thin uniform layer around the vehicle. After letting the wax haze for roughly 20 minutes, I removed it and then repeated this process another two times. After finally removing the third layer of wax, I brought out some Hybrid V7 to remove any streaking and mild product left behind. I finished up with some other very minor steps (interior vacuuming, tires…etc). I proceeded to pull the vehicle out of the garage, and for the first time I was able to truly appreciate the majesty of Celeste Dettaglio

The entire transformation from start to stop was quite impressive. The vehicle originally looked good; after all the car was brand new. With that said, it was nowhere near this immaculate. The paint truly popped; each panel gushed with a shine so wet, so deep, it was hard believe that the vehicle was indeed dry. I pulled out a glass of DI water and poured it on the hood. After watching it trail right off the panel, not a droplet was left behind. Now that is a symbol of true beauty and protection. It doesn’t get much better than that, especially for $172.00 a jar. I’ve attached some pictures of the job to help show that it truly was a magnificent finish. 

As usual, Thank You Chemical Guys!

Detail done by professional detailer:  Detailed By Vinny

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Infinity G35 headlight restoration

The sun can sure beat down your headlights like no other. To get them back to them fresh selfs. I used 2500 grit sandpaper and 3500 grit sandpaper Chemical GUYS V36 cutting polish and V38 for that deep gloss. Using JETseal 109 for that ultimate protection :)

Chemical Guys welcomes Mercedes Benz of America for a complete DIY Tech Session

The turnout was amazing at today's Chemical Guys Mercedes Benz of America DIY Tech Session

2007 Toyota Tacoma aka little monster

Little monster needed a good clean down. Wonderful thing about chemical guys products, less is more, all I needed was a heavy duty clay bar, v36,v38 for that deep deep gloss, m- seal for that nice protection from bird droppings and a little bit of petes 53 paste wax. Took me 2 hours and 25 mins to get that little monster back to its normal condition.

Ford Mustang DIY Care Car Training & DIY

This mornings Ford Mustang Day has an amazing turn out so far. Car enthusiasts and fun seekers alike all came out for todays Chemical Guys DIY DO IT YOURSELF DETAILING DAY.... It's going to be a lot of fun.... Looking forward to a day filled with great friends and great times.

Car Care University Chemical Guys SDU July Master Training Class

It truly is one of the most incredible experiences to get to spend an entire week with business owners, enthusiasts and students from all over the world that come to attend Smart Detailing University and learn about what makes this industry so great. As the Chemical Guys family grows across the world it's simply awesome to spread knowledge through education and grow our family more and more each day. Thank You from Chemical Guys and Smart Detailing University to everyone that over the years has reached out to take your passion for car care to the next level. Our worldwide team of distributors, resellers, CG Affiliates and SDU graduates combined with all our wonderful customers and friends, we couldn't hope for a better family.

Also a huge thanks to students like Johnny from Hong Kong, one of our most recent SDU graduates for sending us this thank you message:

Dear Smart Detailing University,

It was a pleasure to meet you Paul and Greg and rest of the team at Smart University, it's one of my best and coolest moments I had in my life. I would say thank you and business wise, let's work together in the future :-)

Hong Kong

Learn more about SDU:

1929 Model A Ford Detailed To Perfection with Chemical Guys Products.

This is my latest detailing job....A 1929 Model A Ford. It has taken 36 hours and still is not complete. The car belonged to Our Grandpa and It was Passed down to My brother. The car was sitting in the carport (outside) for the past 17 years and hasn't been washed in at least 20 id say. It only has 609 miles on it. I still have some minor interior details to touch up as well as finishing the cleaning of the canvas top. I only used Chemical Guys products in this restoration... enjoy ;-)

these are the before pics....


Weekend car care an detailing fun at Chemical Guys

We opened today up to employees and fiends to come down and have some fun learning about car care and having a great time .. Great turn out so far and a good time for everyone. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Our Chemical Guys Showroom and detailing arena is open till 4pm today for everyone coming down .