Introducing Chemical Guys Stripper Suds

Introducing Chemical Guys Stripper Suds
A fun auto bubble bath with your hose and bucket!

Chemical Guys Stripper Suds is the foaming car wash soap that smells like every man’s favorite thing in the world:

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Chemical Guys is known for their fun fragrant products. Guys and gals from around the world fell in love with Stripper Scent Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator and that oh-so-familiar fragrance that you won’t smell anywhere else. Now you can enjoy the smell of success at every car wash with Stripper Suds Car Wash Shampoo.
This soap is like a bubble bath for your car! Squirt just 1 ounce in your 5 gallon car wash bucket, or add up to 3 ounces in your foam cannon for thick foamy suds that help clean your car with a scratch-free touch.

Use a plush microfiber wash mitt to gently pull off all the dirt, grime, and debris without installing any ugly swirls, spider webs, or scratches in the paintwork.

Finish off with a rinse, then towel-dry the paintwork with premium microfiber for a scratch-free shine!

What’s your favorite car wash scent? If you’ve tried all the different soaps that smell fruity and fresh, if you’re feeling adventurous, try out Chemical Guys Stripper Suds Car Wash Shampoo and turn every car wash into a fun foaming bubblebath!