Introducing Chemical Guys Black Light Car Wash Soap

Introducing Chemical Guys Black Light Car Wash Soap

If you love the look of your black car, wash away any dirt and filth with Black Light Car Wash Soap to restore a brilliant shine and glossy finish.

Black Light soap removes dirt, grime, and road filth with slick lubricants that help prevent swirl marks and scratches that cheaper soaps leave behind. Use an ounce of Black Light in the wash bucket for mountains of soapy suds, or an ounce in your foam gun or foam cannon to create thick clinging suds that pull dirt off the car.

Car wash foam isn't just fun to play with; it keeps the soap right on the dirt and filth to give it more time to work for you. Adding car wash foam with a foam cannon helps lift dirt from the surface, then lubricate it to prevent swirls and scratches with every wipe of a microfiber wash mitt.


Chemical Guys created a sensation with the hybrid radiant finish of Black Light. The hybrid glaze enhanced incredible depth and vibrant glossy shine on every paint finish. Now detailers and enthusiasts have a car wash soap that restores the same brilliant shine from a fresh coat of Black Light with every car wash.

The possibilities are endless! Washing exterior car parts from the paintwork to the wheels, undercarriage, exhaust tips, glass, and engine components with Black Light Car Wash Soap removes dirt, enhances shine, and protects against swirls and scratches.