When perfection is desired, real products are required. Lightning Fast Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Review by Viiny of Detailed by Vinny

He went on to describe the damage to the interior of the vehicle. He also said that he had just purchased new floor mats so I wouldn’t have to worry about detailing those. I asked him if the mats had been shipped yet and when he said no, I instantly replied, “Cancel the order”. He insisted that I didn’t understand the severity of the damage to the mats. I tried to be polite and told him that he didn’t understand what it meant to have a true detail performed. When perfection is desired, real products are required.

This is where Chemical Guys comes into play. Their vast line of tools and products opens up a whole new playing field in the detailing world. They have shot past the lower end “cover-up” products and have released what I believe to be the best and most efficient line of true correctional products. For this task I knew I was going to have to use their heavy hitting stain-fighting shampoo known as Lightning Fast.

And so it was, we scheduled the detail for that following week. I knew I was going to be in for a challenge, but with the CG product line backing me I know I am always in good hands. After the inspection, I got started right away knowing it was going to take a while. The main area of concern for me was the floor mats. Had I not been able to make the mats perfect, I would have failed at my job.

I started by completely vacuuming the interior and the mats. I then made sure there were no dies in the carpet and then grabbed my Lightning Fast and began working away. I first started by spraying down a light mist of water on the mat to help dampen them. After it had absorbed some water I then proceeded to apply an even coat of LightingFast to the mat. I let the mat absorb the shampoo for about 20 seconds, then hit it with the Porter Cable 7424 with the 5” backing plate and carpet brushattachment. With the PC set to speed “3”, I worked the brush back and forth to work in every little inch of that mat. After I was satisfied the shampoo was completely worked in, I grabbed a towel a wiped down the mat to pull the now lifted dirt off, as well as assist in the drying process. After letting the mat sit out for a while, I noticed there was a very, very thin shadow where one of the coffee stains used to be. So, I repeated the process with slightly less product and viola, the mat was now in what I considered to be perfect condition.

With my stress now gone, I repeat this process to the remaining mats as well as carpet in the vehicle itself. Needless to say the customer was astonished that the 5 year-old stains had been removed and he had just saved $150 from not having to purchase the new mats. He thanked me and then told me he would be my customer for life. Funny, because that is exactly what I told Chemical Guys the first time I used their products. Oh how the legend grows…


Review  Done By :

Vinny Sorreentino

Business Owner and Professional @  Detail By Vinny

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