2006 Mercedes Benz SL550 and 2012 BMW 535I Product Review Chemical Guys

Chemical Guys Family,

I’m sending you pictures of a couple high end details I did last week. Thanks to your products, I have scheduled several other high end details for the coming weeks.

First is a Silver 2006 Mercedes Benz SL550 with just over 55K Maine miles. Overall condition when delivered was ok. The rims, however were a sight inside and out. I encountered a decent amount of fallout all over this beauty. Now, the transformation.

100% Chemical Guys products used every time. NOBODY ELSE!!!

Foam Wash
Re Washed/dried
V34 with Hex Logic 5.5 orange pad
Celeste Dettaglio

The customer came to pick this vehicle up and I honestly could have picked their jaw off the ground. Their words to me were “my benz looks better 6years after I bought it new!!”  The combo that this vehicles finish produced in my opinion is  JAW DROPPING. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Next up is a 2012 BMW 535I with almost 6K hard miles, that was shipped up to me from Florida. Pretty sweet considering I live in Maine. Although this vehicle is new, the owner “uses” his vehicle and by this I mean he is not easy on them. Example: Driving on a golf course, lol! 100% serious.  I encountered a decent amount of fallout and medium/heavy swirls due to improper washing.

100% Chemical Guys products used every time all the time.

Foam wash
Re washed
V32 with Hex logic 5.5 orange
Heavenly coat of Celeste Dettaglio

I have only used Celeste 4 times since I received it in Feb 2012. I’m rationing it!

This BMW doesn’t even look like the same BMW that was dropped off. The insane, intense paint/metallic  popping that Celeste Dettaglio provides is truly amazing and downright incredible.  The protection, shine, beading and sheeting that Celeste provides is something someone truly has to see in person. It will leave you hypnotized. If anyone is questioning whether Celeste Dettaglio is worth the money, there is not even a question. It’s worth more than what CG charges.

I’m sure you receive a ton of pictures, however sharing these I thought was a must.

Have a great day and thank you for allowing us to provide feedback on such ridiculously great products.

Garrett Stephens
Xtreme Mobile Detailing