Headlight restoration - Care Care Training on Professional Detailing

Smart Detailing University Headlight Restoration part of of the university is a great way to learn all about proper headlight restriction. Restore clarity, illumination photometry and optical qualities to ugly, hazy, cloudy, plastic headlights no matter the extent of the damage to the headlight.

Plastic headlights are manufactured with polycarbonate plastic for its tensile strength but it is a very porous plastic, so the manufacturers apply a protective film to the headlight lens. Intense sunlight, heat and humidity combined with the heat of the halogen bulb delaminates the protective film leaving the lens exposed to the elements and badly in need of headlight restoration. Over time the lens will develop a cloudy, hazy, discolored appearance and this will diminish the headlights ability to project its beam of light at night and during adverse weather conditions. Who would want their family in a vehicle with this dangerous problem??

The surface of the damaged plastic needs to be removed to restore clarity, illumination, photometry and optical qualities to the headlight lens then resurfaced for long-lasting protection and a like new appearance.

Clear-up cloudy, hazy, whitish, yellowish, discolored plastic headlights to a like new appearance no matter the extent of the damage to the exterior of the headlight lens. The headlights remain on the vehicle and the headlight restoration process takes about 4-10 minutes per lens to complete.