Carpet and Upholstery -Tips and training on completely stain removal.

Today students found out just how easy it was to clean carpet as upholstery with the lightweight and compact Durrmaid Super 1600. This awesome Extractor & Wet Dry Vacuum does it all. It works as a powerful hot water extractor and a wet/dry vacuum. You should see the steam coming off of this carpet.No need for two separate machines. The Durrmaid Super 1600 Extractor & Wet Dry Vacuum works as a vacuum and a hot water extractor, all in one portable carpet cleaning machine.

The Durrmaid Super 1600 Extractor & Wet Dry Vacuum fulfills your need for a powerful wet/dry vac and a high performance hot water extractor. If you're in the business of detailing, this saves you an expense because you're only buying one machine to do two jobs. The Super 1600 does both jobs very well. In fact, the Super 1600 has a 23% more powerful vacuum motor. If you're looking for a hot water extractor and shop vac in one, this is it. Fast and effective and you can take it with you anywhere you detail.