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Our Saturday this past weekend started with an early morning drive through the mesmerizingly scenic streets of Inglewood, CA. If you’ve eve driven through the beautiful city of Inglewood you would already know that the above statement is both entirely false, as well as (hopefully) slightly amusing. However, deep in the heart of Los Angeles lies one of the most reputable automotive detailers in the industry. Our boys at SmartWax and Chemical Guys hosted there own Cars & Coffee meet complete with product demos, and tons more. Read on to see went on behind the gates of SmartWax while you rested snugly in your beds this past Saturday morning! 

Our boy Kurt and his posse from AutoProject gave us a heads up to make an appearance at the meet promising great cars and good times. They delivered. After arriving at 8:30a.m at our destination to find a relatively empty lot,  it soon seemed like the cars just began pour in right behind one another. By 10:00a.m The lot was practically full of cars and everyone was stuffing there faces with free coffee and doughnuts. 

Our boys from AutoProject rolled deep as they usually do, but the show stopper has to be our good friend Kurt’s Scion Tc. Equipped with a 350+ capable turbo kit from Turbonetics and sitting pretty on some Rotiform NUEs this TC was snapping necks every which way all morning long.

I have seen this G35 a couple of times before, and got a closer look at the centrifugal supercharger powered motor at InFest, but the real story on this purple wonder are those gorgeous SSRs, accented by the Endless Stage 3 big brakes, although it does look like the caliper is a LITTLE too close to the barrel, it certainly a very pretty, and very, very purple sight to stare at.

I’ve always had a secret deep seeded love for mini trucks, but when the hood popped up on this Nissan pickup it revealed itself as anything but mini, especially with that gorgeous full polished Turbonetics snail gracing the engine bay.

Anyone who has spoken to me knows that I absolutely despise Ford in its entirety, both as a racing sub-company, and a car manufacturer. However, props go out to the Mustang owner with enough balls to try and tame one of my favorite after-charging systems of all time, the Kenne Bell Twin-Screw Supercharger. You haven’t heard a muscle car till you’ve heard one running one of these monsters, it’s truly a religious experience for any dedicated car enthusiast.

San Fernando locals have probably seen this ‘Rolla running around. Owner Johan Duke puts a lot of work into this daily beaten Toyota, and with a little more work it can definitely take a leap above any other similar-chasis Corolla in the scene. Look out for this car in the future, it’s gonna be a show stopper.

Ahh the Mazda Miata. So plentiful in the car scene, yet it still seems that there are less and less well built looking ones around. This 2nd generation Miata with OEM hardtop was definitely an exception. I love these cars, and the owner of this one definitely has impeccable taste in building his!

This Lexus has been all over the place lately, no matter where I go this Lexus is at every major meet and show I have attended so far this year. Though I have to say, I don’t really mind it. In fact, I love it. Business in the front, and boso-themed fun in the back. Much like a mullet in early 1990′s Alabama, this thing is definitely the epitome of style and class.

Our boy Jeremy Lee from Elite Autosports tried his hand at speaking to the masses and did a fantastic job pulling people towards the booth for the raffle and product showcase, of course, it would have been fantastic if he gave me the present he kept teasing us with, but we can’t all be decent human beings. In all seriousness, MC Lee did a fantastic job ensuring everything went smooth. 

The highlight of the meet was watching this ricer get flagged down and subsequently arrested by the local Sheriff’s department literally within seconds of his ricer flyby. Props to the local PD for showing us love, and keeping the rice where it belongs. In the kitchen. All in all, great meet, great people, fantastic doughnuts, and a few great memories to boot! Couldn’t ask for a funner way to spend our early Saturday morning!
  • Story by Alex Royt
  • Photos by Alex Royt
  • Edited by Alex Royt

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