Thanks for some great products- Reviewed

Hi I have been using your products for a while and I have to tell you I am a
customer for life. I first got to try out your products from Detailed Image,
I had ordered a gallon of
Synthetic Quick Detailer. When I first got to use
it I was blown away by its slickness and dust repellence, I was so delighted
with my purchase that I started researching your products more on Detailed
Image and the Chemical Guys site. Well I then decided to order a gallon of Glossworkz as my maintenance soap after reading several reviews once again I
was extremely pleased with your products. I started to tell fellow members
on the forum about your products and how great they are
and are now getting to try them out as well. I ended up using all my gallon
of Synthetic Quick Detailer up due to weekly washes as my drying aid and
quick detailing. About two weeks ago ordered 6 Monster microfiber towels and
a gallon of
Pro-Detailer which I actually love even more than Synthetic
Quick Detailer it leaves my 2004 Black Mustang GT with an amazing wet look
after washing with
Glossworkz and and following it with Pro-Detailer and
Monster Microfibers to buff it in. I have to say I each product I have from
Chemical Guys has exceeded my expectations. I plan on purchasing your new
Glossworkz Glaze once it is available in the U.S. I
am attaching two Photos it took today after using the combo mentioned above.

Thank you for your great products,

Danny Ruelas .El Paso, TX



Glossworkz-AUTO WASH -Gloss Booster and Paintwork Cleanser


P40-DETAILER+SPRAY White Carnauba Quick Detailer UV Protectant

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glossworks auto wash

glossworks auto wash