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Thank you so much Garrett for your friendship:

Good evening Chemical Guys!

Last month I received a bunch of new CG products and I have been holding
off on using them until now.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I am obsessed with your detailing
products. I may have to seek CG counseling, LOL! You, your products and
service are by far the best that is out there. Every time I have used a new
product, I say to myself. "How can this top the last one or be any better?"
Well, you did it again with LAVA, Wheel Guard and Metal Shine.

I had the pleasure of detailing the exterior on this Ford F350 Crew Cab,
which was in desperate need of attention. This vehicle was severely
neglected! Scratches, Swirled, Faded, major orange peel and a ton of

The customer didn't want this vehicle perfect, however these are the
results with the following process and a total time of just over 10 hours
on just the exterior

Washed with CG Honey Dew wash and Foam Blaster
Clayed with CG Luber and CG Medium bar
Re-washed with CG Honey Dew and Foam Blaster
Dry with JetSpeed air mover
Taped off all gaskets and plastic trim
Degreased Rims, Tires, Wheel Wells and Door Jambs
CG Workhorse green towels and yellow microfiber towels with black trim
V34 and V36 with Hex Logic 5.5 Orange and White
Universal Pad Cleaner and CG pad cleaner/conditioner
Coat of Wheel Guard to rims
Tires dressed with CG VRP Dressing
Blacklight applied with CG UFO and then wiped down with Hybrid V7
Then topped it with a heavenly coat of LAVA applied with CG UFO
Detailed with CG goats hair brush
Cleaned glass with Glassworkz

I have attached a bunch of before and after pictures and I just want to say
THANK YOU for providing the BEST auto detailing chemicals on the market
today. The transformation that this truck took, in my opinion it's crazy!

Thank you for the LAVA great product.

Have a great day/evening!

Garrett S.

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