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PRO-DETAILER+SPRAY WAX White Carnauba Quick Detailer UV Protectant (16 oz)

PRO-DETAILER+SPRAY WAX White Carnauba Quick Detailer UV Protectant (16 oz) Review

I dislike writing reviews, however, they are helpful to me, so here goes! Hang with me - I bought this detail spray along with the pink spray put out by the Chemical Guys. In my opinion, this spray is amazing! First, I tried it on my El Camino which has a clear coat finish and it worked very well. So well that I was surprised. Next I tried it on my black Nova. If you have a black car, you know how difficult they are to keep clean. I was thrilled by the way this detail spray worked on my Nova. Very shiny! We drove the car on the freeway and through town - usually we pick up tons of dust, not this time! This probably sounds strange, but there was such a little coating of dust, I couldn't believe my eyes. We live in the country surrounded by fields and the dust is a fact of life here. When we arrived home with the Nova, I looked at the El Camino and there was very little dust on it, and the car had been parked under a tree for hours with the wind blowing. Luck or the spray? I'm hoping its this detail spray! I also have a '53 Chevy pickup and its painted with hot rod black suede. I used the pink spray on the pickup because I had read online that you should not wax black suede. That is up for debate, I suppose. The pink spray worked really well on the black suede. My husband is extremely picky about our cars and he seemed to be pleased with both sprays. I give them two thumbs up!!

PRO-DETAILER+SPRAY WAX White Carnauba Quick Detailer UV Protectant (16 oz) Feature

  • Industry innovating the only true White Carnauba Based Professional Quick Detail Spray & Waterless Carwash
  • 1 X Carnuaba Chemical Guys unique Wax Emulsion system enables Pro-Detailer to be used on glass, plastic, metal, and any other nonporous material without streaking or staining trim or rubber, plastic or glass. Delivering superior results in the sun or shade.
  • Professional carnauba blend adds shine while protecting the surface. Emulsified with synthetic lubricants coupled with Chemical Guys Carnauba Emulsion it truly delivers a clean shiny surface in seconds.
  • Limiting the need for water saves TIME and MONEY. Cleans, shines and protects all paints, clear coats, rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces.
  • Superior quick detailer for chrome and fiberglass, softens and breaks down light surface contamination while it captures and reduces dirt particles and lifts them off the surface of your vehicle. Our unique carnauba emulsion lubricates the surface and prevents scratches while restoring underlying shine. Will not strip or remove wax or sealants. Pleasant scent: Fruity Fresh.

PRO-DETAILER+SPRAY WAX White Carnauba Quick Detailer UV Protectant (16 oz) Overview

Sometimes you feel like some wax. Sometimes you dont. Pro-Detailers' got Ultra-Refined White Carnauba wax, others dont. Pro-Detail brings together the best of both worlds a quick shine detailer with amazing shine and streak free results combined with unmatched carnauba shine and UV Protection, UVA and UVB protection.

Using Pro-Detailer and a Maintenance spray regularly will extend the life of any wax or sealants and keep your vehicle looking its best.

Pro-Detailer high on shine yet gently on previous applications of product, it will not remove wax or sealants. Hi-Line modified cleaning agents gently lift and remove light oxidation and water spots with every wipe.

Wipe away dust, fingerprints, smudges water spots, and airborne pollutants in seconds with Pro-Detailer. Pro-Detailer professional blend formulation delivers superior results in the sun or the shade. Detailing Supplies car wax - auto detailing supplies