For Focus ST Detailed With Chemical Guys -How to Detail

We wanted to take a minute and highlight close friend and detailer Prestige Chris-An Obsessive car detailer. When in come to auto detailing and taking care of your car any true car care enthusiast will tell you there is no line between being a enthusiast or simply being obsessive. At Chemical Guys cars are a little more than an obsession for us, so we cant help but get excited when our amazing customers post up fun stuff like this.

Original Posting by Chris, Got a phone call on Monday afternoon from my good friend at Dreamscience asking whether i could sort there demo car out for Thursday morning as Performance ford had phoned saying that the cover car that was planned for Novembers issue had blown up! So Dreamsciences car had been scheduled in instead.

Now this car is no normal St and is pushing around 350 bhp with a LOT of modifications.

It needed an enhancement due to time restraints.
I agreed that in return for doing it i would get our Volvo C30 serviced and re-mapped.

I dont have many before pics from polishing as time started to catch up on me but have plenty of wash pics.

so began with taking all the wheels off to get into arches back of wheels etc.

the suspension is that stiff that lifting the front lifted the whole off side of the car!

pretty dirty overall and those Brakes needed a good clean.

Inner arches and calipers etc were foamed with Chemical Guys No touch foam

Worked with various brushes to remove all that grime leaving this

These were rinsed and then sealed with Jetseal 109 leaving a lovely glossy finish.

also sealed the calipers and suspension units with jetseal

Next up was the car itself, have to say how impressed i am with No touch Foam! Foamed then rinsed and washed with Citrus wash and gloss.

Has a really nice dwell time and smell

After washing left me with this

Finished with Chemical Guys Petes 53

The mark on rear bumper was wax i didn't buff off

thanks for looking and i will be linking the photos from the shoot once they are available