Wheel Wednesday: How to Protect Wheels from Brake Dust

It always happens, you finish detailing your car and just a few days later you find yourself seeing the heavy brake dust collecting on your wheels. There are some vehicles that are known to have heavier brake dust problems, but the reality is that mostly all cars have the same issue. It becomes a daunting task to have to rigorously scrub away at your wheels during your weekly or bi-weekly washes. But little did you know there is a way to make wheel cleaning an easier task. Follow the steps below to clean and protect your wheels from brake dust and dirt buildup – and ultimately make wheel cleaning an easier task.

Step 1: Soak the Entire Surface of your Wheel/Rim with a Wheel Cleaner

In this step you can use either Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Gel or Signature Series Wheel Cleaner. Now, keep in mind that with Diablo Wheel Gel you have to dilute the product in a separate bottle first. To clean the wheels you can use a wheel brush to scrub in between spokes and to get tough dirt, debris and brake dust away from the wheel.DSC_8208

Step 2: Use a sharp stream of water to rinse wheels/rims

Make sure to use a flow of water to remove left behind debris and dirt for a clean finish.DSC_8281.jpg

Step 3: Use a microfiber towel to dry the surface of the wheel/rim

Prior to applying a wax coating onto your wheels and rims you want to make sure they are dry and free from any leftover debris or dust. So we recommend to give a wipe down to ensure a clean finish.

Step 4: Using an applicator, apply Chemical Guys Max Coat Wheel Guardto your wheels and allow to haze

Using your choice of applicator sponge or microfiber cloth apply Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Max coat liberally to the surface. Max Coat Wheel Guard is combines a wax formula with sealant technology to protect your wheels for a longer period of time. Using Max Coat Wheel Guard you will reduce brake dust by up to 75%. Don’t worry, Max Coat is safe for all gloss wheel types, including chrome, painted, aluminum, powder coated, stainless steel, and even gold finishes. (If you want to learn about this product visit the Chemical Guys site.) You want to ensure that you allow Max Coat Wheel Guard to sit on the wheel until you see the product haze.

Step 5: Buff off Max Coat Wheel Guard with clean microfiber cloth

After you see the product hazing on the surface use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe away excess product and buff to a nice shine.

Step 6: For superior results, or if desired, you can apply two coats of Max Coat Wheel Guard