Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating Provides up to 36 months of protection

Find yourself asking "How to protect your brand new car?"

Or maybe you spent hours detailing your car by removing all of the scratches, swirls and imperfections on your paint and want to protect it for months on end?

We have the answer for you, introducing the new Chemical Guys Carbon Flex C9 Protective Coating. The new Chemical Guys coating is the next evolution in car care coatings. The durable coating protects paintwork and other automotive surfaces for up to 36 months. One application of Carbon Flex C9 Coating repels water and pollution, blocks harmful UV rays, and enhances shine and depth with brilliant reflection and pristine optical clarity. Carbon Flex C9 is designed to protect any vehicle under the most extreme conditions. Protect your vehicle from fading and discoloration in extreme desert heat and UV sunlight. Prevent staining and spotting during intense cold and wet weather conditions. 

Sounds like what you were looking for? Well check out the videos below to see it in action!

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