KEEP YOU WASH WATER CLEAN WHILE YOU WASH! With the Chemical Guys Dirty Guard- 3 Way Filtration System.

KEEP YOU WASH WATER CLEAN WHILE YOU WASH!  With the Chemical Guys Dirty Guard- 3 Way Filtration System.

The Chemical Guys Dirt Guard is the ultimate accessory for the safest car wash experience. The advanced Dirt Guard Auto Wash System is designed to filter dirt particles from the wash solution reducing swirl marks and scratches. 


 The Dirt Guard cleans your wash mitt by scrubbing off dirt and trapping the particles in the unique filtration system. The innovative design protects your vehicle when performing any washing service. The Dirt Guard is the world’s first wash system to utilize a built-in filter for the highest level of protection.
 Universal extension tabs fit most buckets from 3.5 to 5 gallons. The Dirt Guard is constructed using the highest material and manufactured in the USA. The American made washboard strainer is the key to the success of the Dirt Guard Auto Wash System. Simply rubbing your mitt onto the Dirt Guard helps remove dirt and filth by trapping the grime in the filter. The Dirt Guard was designed by perfectionists to create an ergonomic system that is perfect for professional and enthusiast detailers. Protect your vehicle from dirt and grime with the Chemical Guys Dirt Guard.
 The Dirt Guard is engineered to wash any vehicle and work with any wash mitt. The heavy duty construction is designed to work great for professional and enthusiast detailers. The ergonomic Dirt Guard design is inspired by an American scrubbing board. The angled design allows for full movement of your wash mitt against the Dirt Guard while being comfortable for the user. Multiple sized filter holes allow dirt particles to be trapped by the Dirt Guard insert and contained in the synthetic mesh filter. The Dirt Guard is the perfect accessory to wash any car, truck, motorcycle, RV and watercraft. All colors can benefit from the added washing protection, especially black and dark colored paintwork. Use the Dirt Guard in all wash buckets to prevent harmful damage to your vehicle when washing. The Dirt Guard is the ultimate protection for your weekly wash.

  • How to Use
    • Fill bucket with water and soap
    • Add the Dirtguard auto wash system
    • Secure to the bottom of the bucket by pushing down on the Dirtguard
    • Rub washmitt/brush on Dirtguard as much as needed to keep mitt/brush as clean as possible
    • Empty out bucket and watch for the dirt and grime that was trapped

    To Clean Filter Out
    • Place filter in mitt tray (Dirtguard upside down); rinse out with water pressure from hose
    • Store Dirtguard auto wash system upside down when not in use