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Thank you Bill Rasmussen of Minnetonka, Minnesota for this incredible email.

Subject: Lava Wax review Thanks Chemical Guys!

Chemical Guys,

I recently put in an order for a jar of Lava wax, Hybrid V7 spray sealant and received a free 16 oz. bottle of Glossworkz Glaze. As soon as the products arrived, I went to work on my 2011 Octane Blue Mitsubishi Evo X. First, I applied the Glossworkz Glaze. Goes on and off very nicely. Then, I applied the Lava wax. Again. application was easy. Removing it was slightly difficult due to the heat and high humidity. Then, I sprayed on the Hybrid V7. After the car was done, I backed it out into the driveway and looked at the results.

The car was absolutely stunning. The shine was amazing. Depth, clarity and reflection were amazing. The metalflake in the paint popped like never before. I could not believe how great the car looked. As an aside, I am a hobbyist detailer and have been doing so for over 40 years. I have several large shelves in my garage full of just waxes and sealants. Some are from retail stores and some are more expensive, boutique type products. Never before have I seen the results like I got with the combination of Glossworkz Glaze, Lava and Hybrid V7.

The next day, my son and I decided to do his 2011 Mitsubishi Evo X as well. It is Wicked White. While it is easy to bring out depth in darker paint, it is much more difficult to do so with white or silver. We followed the same steps as on the Octane Blue Evo. Now comes the truly amazing part. The car was backed out into the driveway and the sun was quite intense, being around 3:00 in the afternoon. Looking at the car was actually painful! Both of us had to turn our eyes as the combination of sun and Lava made it difficult to look at the paint for any length of time. There is white and then there is radiant white. This is radiant, brilliant white.

We went and did a photo shoot afterwards with both cars. Now driving two Evos together in and of itself draws attention, but to have two eyepopping Evos with intense shines made it all the better. Will I buy more Lava in the future! Yes! Will I tell others about it? Yes! I will be posting this information on some forums that I belong to.

Now, the bigger question is what am I going to do with all those cans and jars of wax sitting forlornly on the shelf in the garage? Thanks Chemical Guys. I heart you.

Bill Rasmussen
Minnetonka, Minnesota