June 16th Hands On Buffing and Polishing Training Seminar

Today hands on buffing and polishing basics class was awesome .... The students were amazing.... Thanks to everyone that came out and had some fun with the Chemical Guys Family.
Smart Polishing Basics is the perfect workshop for the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ enthusiast looking to take their skills to the next level. Learn how to properly use the right pads and products to achieve the perfect finish. Learn how the control and utilize the polishing machine just like the professionals. Top-notch staff instructs you on the correct way to operate the dual-action polisher, introduce the basic pad and polish combinations, and finally provide hands on instruction giving you an excellent foundation to advance your detailing knowledge.

Smartdetailing seminars are interactive and highly informative hands-on trainings geared towards car owners and enthusiasts to tips and tricks to proper detailing.

At Smart Detailing University, our goal is to help you succeed in the world of detailing. Smart Polishing Basics is a great workshop designed around providing you with the skills to take your detailing knowledge to the next level. Our Smart Polishing Basics Workshop is sure to open up endless possibilities for any enthusiast dreaming of having the best looking car at the Sunday cruise, as well as the professional looking to set up their game in automotive and motorcycle restoration. Take your detailing game to the next level with Smart Detailing University.

See live application demos, get to try the latest Chemical Guys Products yourself while you get all your questions answered in this exciting seminar you can’t miss!

TODAYS CLASS WENT GREAT! Have fun with the team at Chemical Guys while learning how to detailing your own vehicle. Don t miss this fast-paced straight to the point of success smartdetailing seminar hosted by Chemical Guys the leader in chemical manufacturing the auto detailing.

The Smart Detailing University DIY-Do It Yourself Hands-On Detailing class provides you with all the tools and equipment you will need to learn how to detail