Chemical Guys: Diablo Gel Wheel & Tire Cleaning - Subaru STi

In this episode of Chemical Guys Tech Talk, we are removing a mess of brake dust and contamination from these custom Forged Star wheels on this 2011 Subaru WRX STi. We used Diablo Wheel gel to safely remove the brake dust from the wheel leaving a clean, fresh looking rim. Diablo wheel gel is safe on any wheel so there is no job Diablo can't handle.

Concentrated Suspension Rim & Wheel Cleaner Gel Safe for All Wheels.

The first product ever that uses Concentrated Suspension Technology to lift break dust, dirt and contamination away from wheels and rims without hard rubbing and scrubbing that can scratch and damage surface.

Just open the cap and take a whiff! It smells amazing! No strong caustic smell, acid smell or chemicals! Biodegradable and environmentally responsible Chemical Guys Diablo Gel is 100% ph NEUTRAL and safe for ALL WHEEL FINISHES. If you havent noticed already by looking inside the bottle Diablo Gels Suspension technology is Oxygen-Rich infused. Concentrated Suspension technology encapsulated dirt particles and rapidly lifts them away from the paint suspending them in a pH neutral slippery gelatin that easily rinses of wheels leaving spot free results.

SAFE FOR ALL WHEELS, non-acid based, non-caustic based, water-based extra slippery gel that safely cleans all wheels painted, clear-coated, polished, chrome or anodized wheels. 100% pH balanced and neutral so it's safe for delicate wheels. A single glance at Diablo Wheel Gel clearly shows how it holds the oxygen pockets inside of the products. Diablo Wheel Gel unique Extra-Slippery formulation lifts break dust, dirt and contaminates away from any surface holding it in complete suspension so it can be safely rinsed off without staining any surface. Premium natural fragrance and 100% biodegradable composition.