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Buffers, Buffing and Car polishing sound complicated but really it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Before getting started it is important to consider the 3-Copmbination:

-The right Buffer Machine
-The right Car Detailing chemical
-The Right Buffing Pad

These 3 selections all play a very important role.

The all new FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher is truly a buffer like no other. The FLEX circular polisher is the same machines used by many factories in finishing vehicles. The rotary buffer offers fast and accurate buffing.

Auto detailing and paint reconditioning continues to expand every day. More and more people are looking getting into detailing both for fun and profit. Having the right tools, training and experience makes all the difference.

Buffers help speed up the finishing process while delivering even and consistent results. Machine polishers can be used to remove heavily deteriorated from scratched and swirled finishes. It is always key to choose a polisher that is the right fit for the specific job as well as your needs. Flex machines are lightweight, heavy-duty professional machines that take buffing to the next level. The Flex line of buffers and polishers is the ideal choice for enthusiast, novice car buffs, professional detailer, or really anyone looking to take paint correction to the next level.

Chemical Guys offers mechanical buffers to fit any level of experience and we offer classes to help you take your skills to the next level.

The recent popularity of buffers and polishers in the mainstream has resulted in a lot of worthless tools hitting the market. You won't find any of those here.

German engineering did for the Mercedes Benz, it has now done for the rotary polisher.

The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher makes paint correction and polishing easier than ever before! This is the Mercedes of rotary polishers - smooth ride, superior handling, and German engineering. The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher is well adapted to the needs of the user with benefits you won't get from another rotary buffer.

The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher is built to minimize user fatigue with an ergonomic design and lightweight body. It weighs in at just 5.6 pounds! The front of the polisher is perfectly curved to fit the user's hand and coated in rubber for superior comfort. The spindle lock mechanism is located behind the hump you see above so you cannot accidentally press it. This is not the heavy, cumbersome polisher of the past. The FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher is built to be light, agile, and fast - perfect for professional detailers who spend hours behind a buffer.

To make your polishing experience even more pleasant, the FLEX PE14-2-150 Rotary Polisher is quiet. A new combination of planetary and bevel gear provides extreme noise reduction. The gears are hardened stainless steel for excellent durability.