New G6 Hyper Coat-Vinyl, Rubber, Tire, Hard Plastic Treatment Coating Sealant System (16oz)

Advanced G6 100% Dry-To-Touch Coating delivers the ultimate extreme shine tire, molding, rubber and black plastic coating for a long lasting high gloss, deep, dark, wet look.

Chemical Guys engineered synthetic polymer emulsion combined with advanced

G6 technology delivers an insane new dark shine and creates a 100% Dry to Touch Coating that blocks damaging UV rays while protecting against the elements. G6 delivers an extreme high gloss mirror finish coating that bonds to the tire delivering the longest lasting shine that will not sling or drip. Apply a single coat or layer to achieve an even more extreme shine. Don't just dress; G6 coat them for superior shine and protection.

G6 Coating treats and conditions rubber surfaces, moldings, vinyl, imitation leather, hard black plastics and much more.

Chemical Guys G6 unique 100% Dry-to-Touch sling-free formula restores, maintains and prolongs a dark new appearance to interior and exterior rubber and vinyl for months with any residue or mess.

Use G6 Hyper Coating Treatment and Tire protectant on exterior trim and moldings to restores and protect delivering a new look to dull, fading or faded rubber and vinyl.

  1. G6 should be applied to a clean surface. Start by cleaning surface very well with the right interior or exterior cleaner. For interiors such as vinyl, plastic and rubber us NONSENsE -All surface super cleaner, the first colorless odorless super cleaner. For exteriors surface you can also use NONSENsE or you may wish to use a stronger cleaner like Premium Wheel and Rim Cleaner or all purpose cleaner to clean tires first.
  2. Spray G6 Hyper Coat Treatment to surface to be treated or spray onto applicator and gently work into surface.
  3. Use an applicator or towel to work G6 into surface.
  4. Allow G6 coating to dry .
g6 hyper dressing coating protection for vinyl rubber tires and plastic